In July 1969 NASA’s Apollo 11 reached Earth’s moon. During this mission Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon, a first for humanity.


NASA. Apollo 11 Mission Overview

Wikipedia. Apollo 11

I was born a few years after this, around the time of Apollo 14. I grew up secure in the knowledge that America had a strong space program with rockets and shuttles and astronauts doing really cool things. The pictures, video, and everything about the moon landing was iconic, a source of national pride and an inspiration for things to come. I wanted to go up on the space shuttle. As I write this, I’m wearing my Space Geek NASA tee shirt. As soon as I finish writing, I’ll go ask the Space Hipsters over on facebook to comment here. I love this stuff. I love that humans walked on the moon. I hope soon we will again.


What memories do you have of this event? How did other people in your life react to the news?


2 thoughts on “Apollo 11

  1. Apollo 11
    I was 5 years old, a space geek in training already! I had gotten so excited over this moon landing! My mom swore that was all I talked about from the minute they launched Apollo 11 and was always asking how long it was until they’d land on the moon. The day finally came. July 20, 1969. It was a hot summer night in our house in Philadelphia. My dad always moved the TV out to our sun porch because it just got too hot in the house. So, my mom and dad were sitting, half-asleep, trying to keep awake until the landing. I was laying on the floor on my big, fuzzy sleeping bag, with my puppy laying next to me, staring at the TV. I remember the scenes from the MCC, I remember all the “go-no go” calls, I remember Gene Kranz. I remember Charlie Duke’s “we copy you down Tranquility, there’s a lot of guys about to turn blue”. I remember the fuzzy pictures from the moon and Walter Cronkite. I remember being quite perturbed that they took off so quickly. I watched all of the Apollo missions after that and the feeling of let down after Apollo 17.


  2. I was 6 years old. My family was going to a room in a restaurant and we walked past the bar, where about 4 men were sitting. One was yelling, “They’re on the moon! They’re on the moon!” I was exited just because he was. My dad slowed to look, but we continued past to our table. Never forget it.


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