On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17 entered Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. They shot and killed 13 people and wounded more than 20 others before killing themselves.


Historycom: Columbine High School Shooting

Wikipedia: Columbine_High_School_Massacre

In 1999 I was living in Vermont, but having grown up in Colorado I still had many friends in and around Denver. The term “horrific” comes to mind. The news was almost unbelievable…how could someone do this?

At that time, the incident seemed like a random, horrible act of two disturbed or deranged individuals.

I had no idea that the massacre would set the stage for so many more to follow.


What memories do you have of this event? How close were you to the people involved? How did it affect you and the people in your life?


One thought on “Columbine High School Shooting

  1. I was in 2nd year university when the Columbine High School Shooting happened. I went to visit a friend at their residence (like a small cabin), since they were graduate students, they happened to have cable. I walked in and they were watching it on the TV.

    The first thing I thought of was my mother. She was working as a vice principal in a rather dangerous high school in Toronto. They would regularly get bomb threats, students with weapons, and had a student at the school once with a starters pistol that he worked on to hold live ammo – which required our version of the SWAT team to search the school, after he was arrested.

    I called my mother, at school, to make sure that she was alright.

    Every year through high school, we would do a remembrance ceremony for the women killed during the École Polytechnique massacre. But this was the first time a shooting had occurred at a school that I remembered and the TV coverage made it so real it felt kinda sureal.
    (Born late 1978)


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