Doctor Who originally ran from 1963 to 1989, gaining a significant cult following. The show was relaunched in 2005 and is still being produced in 2018, with a new actor playing the lead role every few years.


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I grew up with Doctor Who, watching it as a child with my dad, who had been watching it since the 80’s. I kind of fell away from it for a while, but as a teenager I once again started watching the show. I started again partly because of the pop culture surrounding it in my school. Everyone watched it, talked about it, “fangirled” over it, and it drew me back in. I also love learning about some of the history behind the fan base; how cons got started, how my father made his old cosplays, how some of the older doctors came back in various adventures later. It made me, and still makes me, feel like I belong to something bigger and more adventuresome than I could ever hope to achieve in the “real world”, and I think that is why I am so drawn to it.

Jessica Johnson

What does Doctor Who mean to you? Are you a fan of the new, the old, or both?


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. I never knew anything about it until our local PBS channel had a marathon. I fell neck deep into a solid day of Doctor Four (and a touch of five) and remember running out of my room in bathroom breaks to tell my mom what a great show I’d found.

    When they rebooted it, my husband and I watched the first 2 Doctors, 9 and 10, religiously. It tapered from there.

    To me, it’s fun, and nostalgia, and science, and being a good person and exciting. It stands for many pleasant things. It’s also a very common touchstone with a large part of my friends and gives us more of a shared history and shared references. It’s part of the glue that holds my “family” together. We can argue about politics, but we can stop and compare which Companions were cool and why.


  2. I frequently watched and thoroughly enjoyed the old series, which began before I was born, during my geeky adolescence. In those days you had no control over what episodes you saw. If you missed one, you may never get a chance to see it.

    I missed the show when it disappeared. Strangely though, when it came back in 2009, (I was 38) I didn’t rush in to watch it. It took a few years for me to jump on the fanwagon again!

    I love what they’ve done with the show! (Mostly…I detest the “Our Moon is an Egg” episode.) I just wish they wouldn’t take so freaking long between seasons. I mean series…it’s British…

    I introduced Bunny to it when she was little. (Born in 2007.) She used to think David Tennant was the only “real” Doctor lol! I’ve loved them all and I’m excited about seeing what Jodie Whittaker does with the role.


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