In August 1947, the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act, making India and Pakistan separate and sovereign nations.


National Archives (UK): Cabinet Papers, India Gains Independence India and Pakistan Win Independence

I think of the formation of nations as being something that happened long, long ago. Nations are supposed to be permanent entities. Yet I can remember the Berlin wall coming down, I’m aware that what used to be Czechoslovakia is now The Czech Republic and Slovakia, and when I sing Yakko’s World (I can do the whole thing, just not as fast as Rob Paulson) I’m well aware that there are many inaccuracies due to change over time. (He updated it in 2017.)

My awareness of Indian Independence (I learned while creating this post that Pakistan happened at the same time) initially came from watching a movie about Gandhi, and from various mentions in Bollywood films. An interesting point I learned while studying history was that other nations followed their example.

I’m really hoping to get as many different nationalities in the comments of this post as possible. Hopefully friends in India and Pakistan will chime in!


What are your memories of this event? How did people around you react to the event and the aftermath?


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