AB at UCCSIn the Spring of 2018, I am enrolled in Paul Harvey’s class on Digital History at UCCS. A major part of the coursework is to create a digital history project that can be shared online.

Newsworthy events of the last decade have a record of the reactions of thousands of everyday people thanks to the development of social media. For more ancient events, it is difficult or impossible to know how people felt at the time.

The goal of this website is to record the emotional memories of everyday people while these recollections are still part of living memory. Thousands of people have personal memories of the Second World War, and although the First World War was a hundred years ago, there are still people living who have memories of that time.

EMOH is primarily interested in first-hand, personal memories. However it is also useful to include recollections from people who were close to someone who experienced an event. For example, a commenter might relate the story their grandfather told them about hearing the news that the Titanic had sunk.

Please enjoy perusing the posts, and feel free to add a comment wherever you feel you have something to contribute or something to ask. Although demographic information is not required to comment on a post, it is extremely useful if you include any relevant details such as your age, your occupation, or education and experience. Short, concise comments of just a few paragraphs are best. If you are associated with UCCS, or the Space Hipsters, or knew me in high school please give a shout out!

After the project has gathered sufficient content, I will be comparing the details people have shared and seeing what conclusions can be drawn, as well as what new questions might arise. These insights will also be shared on the site.

Thank you for visiting! Please share the link far and wide. If you know someone who is old enough to remember some of the events that happened before most of us were born, please tell them about the project and, if necessary, help them to post here.

There is more information on the FAQ page.