There are endless events in living memory that could be included in this project! To cover as much as possible, EMOH occasionally invites other scholars and historians to introduce a question. The main requirement is that the event be something that a living person can remember, or at least an event a living person can remember hearing about first-hand.

The post itself can be written in doc or docx and sent to AmyBeth via AFredri2 at UCCS for formatting. It should include:

  • A statement describing the event or development. Be as brief as possible. Strive to state an unbiased fact.
  • Cite at least two sources. (I still need to decide and clarify exactly how citations will be formatted. Just let me know what website you used and when you accessed it and I’ll put it into the same format as the other posts.)
  • A short paragraph or few either relating your own recollections of the event itself or what hearing of or learning about the event meant to you.
  • A specifically worded question. The basic question on all posts is “What memories do you have of this event? How did you and the people in your life feel about it?” Depending on the topic, the question might be tweaked appropriately.

From the contributor, we ask for a brief bio, as simple as “So-and-so is a ___ at UCCS” or a few short sentences. Links to an appropriate website can be included. A thumbnail-appropriate headshot is also requested, but if a contributor feels strongly against sharing their image, an avatar or symbol can be used.

It is appreciated, but not necessary for the contributor to return to the blog and, if appropriate, respond to comments or add to the discussion.