If you’d like to share something about yourself, add a comment to this page and I will copy/paste it into alphabetical order by last name (or username if that’s all you’ve shared.)

Fredricksen, AmyBeth

I’m the owner of this project, a senior majoring in history at UCCS. I was born in 1971. The seventies were my childhood and the eighties were my teen years. I’m white, and grew up in a middle class family with a mom, dad, big sister, and dogs. I was born in Florida but IBM moved my family several times and I grew up mostly in Colorado. I got married in 1995 (we’ll celebrate our 23rd anniversary soon) and we have two daughters. I have an eclectic educational background with an Associates Degree in Architecture and another in Liberal Arts. Although I’m a senior at UCCS, the spring of 2018 is my first semester. My classes this semester range from Freshman level to senior/graduate courses.

I do have relationships to many of the users and contributors! James Lillie is my father and Mary Lillie is my mother. Bunny is my ten-year-old daughter. I went to high school with Bob Morris. As others add their input, I’ll tell you how we’re related (if we are.)

Conway, Caroline

I’m Caroline Conway, wife, mother, space geek and Project Manager. In a past life I was a nuclear piping designer, a member of the design team for the CVN 78 class of aircraft carriers. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lillie, James

Note said I should enter some bio for reference.
James Bruce Lillie — Born 9 May 39 in Salvation Army Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We lived on Queen St W in Parkdale district. Big ‘High Park’ closeby, Lake Ontario shore 2 blocks south, big carnival every summer.
Father built a cottage off the Severn River 90 miles North; Grandfather & Uncle Jack there too. Attended Queen Victoria Grade School until we emigrated to the US spring of ’51[?]. Father had worked on the Misquitto F/B during the war, then was a draftsman/engineer for the Ontario Hydroelectric Power Co.
Ordered to stop advanced work or be sued; we moved to Amherst, a suburb north side of Buffalo NY, and he became a non-degreed engineer at Bell Aircraft.
Graduated from Amherst Central HS. Attended Union College Schenectady NY 3 years; met a girl.
3 years in the army, 61-64, 69th Ordnance Co Vicenza Italy, Nuclear Weapons tech SP-5. That was E5 sgt in 2 years.
Returned home & naive girl said ‘Yes’. 52+ years later; 2 daughters, 4 GRANDkids. Let me tell you about my kids…….
Returned to school, University of South Florida, Tampa. Bs & Ms in electrical engineering, Digital design engineer Martin Pager, pre-cellphone. Cincinnati Electronics Air Rescue system, control logic & on-board flight test engineer. IBM Boulder R&D; design & build technology test robots for first ink jet printers.
Recurring medical problems, chronic fatigue limited recovery. IBM Burlington Vt poor recovery from 2nd double bypass, medical retirement about ’92.
Vermont winters hit both of us. 8 years ago we moved from a 6 bedroom/basement/garage house to a 2 bedroom apt in NC. Frustration, medium problems, little possible activity. Others much worse off. But after 3rd bypass in ’11 I FLATLINED.

Luckily AmyBeth is mostly her mother. Blame anything else on her father.

Eventually, I’d like to add a survey form to the site that asks specific questions about demographics that the computer can sort. A historian could then sort the comments by the age of the person posting, or narrow the list to people who were (or weren’t) born in the United States. The more data, the more useful, but also the more annoying it is for the user.

For now, I will leave it to the user to contribute whatever information they feel is relevant. The most important bit of data is your year of birth (We don’t need the exact day) so a historian can tell whether a person was a child or an adult when each event occurred.


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